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Obtenir les sources

Download source tarball with links below, you can also browse sources directory and browse svn tree hint.

2005/06/06 version :

Installation depuis les sources

Verify you have all requiered dependencies, write in console :

make install

Et enfin :



There are Graveman! packages for some linux distributions, download there with links below.

Distribution Version Preparer
Slackware S Ananda Murthy
Dropline GNOME
Mandriva 2006.00.3.12-4Mandriva
Fedora 30.3.12DAG
Fedora 30.3.12-4Patrick Ang
Fedora 40.3.12-4Fedora
Ubuntu Hoary0.3.10Miguel Angel Zarza - Otavio Salvador
Ubuntu Breezy0.3.12-4Miguel Angel Zarza - Otavio Salvador
Debian 0.3.12-4Miguel Angel Zarza - Otavio Salvador - Wouter van der Rijst
Debian alpha / hppa / ia64 / m68k / mipsel / powerpc / s390 / sparc0.3.12-4Miguel Angel Zarza - Otavio Salvador
Debian Sid amd64 / arm0.3.10Nicolas Trécourt
Arch Linux 0.3.12-4Arch Linux
Gentoo 0.3.12-4Lars Weiler
Frugalware Linux 0.3.12-4VMiklos
Source Mage 0.3.12-4Flavien Bridault
FreeBSD 0.3.12-4Anton A. Karpov
NetBSD 0.3.12-4pancake _at_
Puppy Kauler
Zenwalk Linux Verret

If you can make packages for another linux distributions (redhat...) please contact me !

Required dependencies

Required dependencies, most recents linux distributions will include them, except maybe for libid3tag, click on links below to download missing modules if you need.