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Graveman! changelog


2006-06-06 - Version:

  • Fixed bug #16511 "invalid free"

2005-05-30 - Version:

  • Fixed bug #13018, "burn DVD-RW"
  • Fixed bug #13220, "burn DVD-RW 2" patch from Stephan S.
  • Minor interface improvement

2005-05-28 - Version:

  • Updated PlainSet theme, thanks Kostia
  • Fixed segfault and other problems with umount
  • Fixed mkisofs file generation problem with '=' characters

2005-05-22 - Version:

  • Updated hungarian translation, thanks Sári Gábor alias sAGA
  • Updated PlainSet theme, thanks Kostia
  • Fixed bug #13131, "fix install error with build separate directory", patch from seagull
  • Added japanese translation, thanks seagull
  • Minor interface improvement, thanks patrickang _at_

2005-05-17 - Version: 0.3.12

  • Added hungarian translation, thanks Peter Polonkai
  • Fixed crash with some mp3 files (problem with tags)
  • Updated plainset theme, thanks Kostia
  • Added keyboard shortcuts + interface enhancements (treeview headers...)
  • Fixed bug #12987, "themes not found"
  • Fixed bug #12983, "compiling on suse 9.3"
  • Fixed bug #11773, "Sort after files added"
  • Fixed bug #13015, "ISO Creation fail with "multissesion CD" option
  • Themes now include BurnIcon, BurnsmallIcon and EraseCDRWIcon
  • Try to umount device before write operation to avoid problems with automounters
  • Fixed bug #12517, "DVD recorded detected as CD recorder", now using /proc
  • Many bugfixes
  • Updated Polish translation, thanks Marcin Undak

2005-05-04 - Version: 0.3.11

  • New graveman logo and icons, thanks yeKcim
  • Better DVD-R detection
  • Better compliance with /etc/xdg support
  • Added -c command line parameter to use specific config files
  • Displays an explicit message when graveman cannot write configuration file
  • Fixed segfault on exit in some cases
  • Fixed bug #12096, do not expand whole tree after a drag and drop
  • Fixed bug #12713, problem with empty directories
  • Added graveman animation while burning, thanks yeKcim. Now required libmng !!
  • Updated it/lt/fr/ru translations, thanks Gabriele Villi, Rimas Kudelis, Sergey Knazev
  • Convert some files to UTF-8
  • Added many tooltips
  • Added IsoSet and PlainSet themes, thanks Konstantin Pan!
  • Added theme support

2005-04-10 - Version:

  • Added norwegian translation, thanks Tommy André Mikkelsen tamikkelsen
  • configure now support --mandir parameter
  • Added dutch man page, thanks Wouter van der Rijst

2005-04-04 - Version: 0.3.10

  • Added man pages
  • Updated french translation, thanks Rork
  • Fixed regression with ISO images + Many bugfixes

2005-04-01 - Version: 0.3.9

  • Code clean up
  • Fixed graveman.desktop Polish translation, thanks Marcin Undak masamune _at_
  • Now using cdrdao to copy CD, now required cdrdao !!
  • Fixed bug #11938, multi-session cd should now correctly work
  • Now using "gtk-open" icon instead of "gtk-jump-to", Kent Nyberg suggestion/patch
  • Now import M3U and PTS audio playlist
  • Now using -r mode with DVD data instead of -R
  • Interface improvement, Insert/Delete shortcut in treeview
  • Media detection improvement
  • Added FLAC file support with libFLAC and flac
  • Added dvd icons, thanks Peggy Kutyla peggy.kutyla _at_
  • Added Swedish translation, thanks Kent Nyberg nyberg.kent _at_
  • Now using "graft points" instead of "links" with mkisofs/ISO images creation, thanks Olivier Rolland olivier.rolland _at_
  • Added Lithuanian translation, thanks Rimas Kudelis rq _at_
  • Better IDE drive detection
  • Updated translations (see THANKS file)
  • Now using "burnfree" option with cdrecord

2005-02-15 - Version: 0.3.8

  • Fixed bug #11990, some problems with mkisofs
  • Fixed devices detection
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation, thanks Andre Luis Lopes andrelop _at_
  • Updated Dutch translation, thanks Wouter van der Rijst wouter.van.der.rijst _at_

2005-02-13 - Version: 0.3.7

  • Added "data dvd" support, use of growisofs
  • Better exit status checking
  • Some minor bugfixes
  • Now using ~/.config/graveman/graveman.conf config file for compliance with
  • standards. No more using ~/.graveman/graveman.conf file !
  • Added ISO 9660 version 2 support when mkisofs support it
  • Disabled mp3/ogg support when sox was compiled without
  • Better drag and drop support, should now work with ROX Filler
  • Updated translations files

2005-02-03 - Version: 0.3.6

  • Fixed bug #11742 "Only first seconds of track are recorded"
  • Added dialog box to let user swap CD when copy with only one reader
  • Minor interface enhancements
  • Added "format dvd" support, first DVD support in graveman !
  • Use of dvd+rw-format/dvd+rw-tools

2005-02-01 - Version: 0.3.5

  • Added Italian translation, thanks Gabriele Villi gvilli _at_
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation, thanks Andre Luis Lopes
  • Updated German translation, thanks Holger Reinmann
  • Updated Russian translation, thanks sknazev _at_
  • Updated Dutch translation, thanks Wouter van der Rijst
  • Now using Treeview instead of ToggleButton for menu
  • New confirmation dialog before erasing a CD-RW
  • Added icons, thanks Peggy Kutyla
  • Added graveman logo, thanks yeKcim
  • Updated file, labels/UTF8
  • Added dao mode support with CD Audio
  • Interface enhancements, thanks Eugenia Loli-Queru
  • Some minor bugfixes

2005-01-25 - Version: 0.3.4

  • Updated Polish translation, thanks Marcin Undak masamune _at_
  • Fixed regression with graveman-bar #@!
  • Minor interface enhancements

2005-01-25 - Version: 0.3.3

  • Fixed gettext/translation problems with dynamic combobox
  • Better error detection with sox
  • Updated Polish and Russian translations, thanks Marcin Undak and thanks sknazev _at_
  • Some bugfixes, better communication with cdrecord !
  • Minor interface enhancements

2005-01-23 - Version: 0.3.2

  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation, thanks Andre Luis Lopes andrelop _at_
  • Updated graveman.desktop file, thanks Wouter van der Rijst and skanzev _at_
  • Fixed crash fault with popupmenu access key
  • Added German translation, thanks Holger Reinmann h.reinmann _at_
  • Added dialog to configure devices and to allow to add devices manually, should now correctly support IDE drives
  • Fixed delete_event handler
  • Some minor bugfixes

2005-01-20 - Version: 0.3.1

  • Added Polish translation, thanks Marcin Undak
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation, thanks Andre Luis Lopes
  • Fixed mp3 header decoding by using libmad, now required libmad !!
  • Updated files, graveman is now hosted by savannah !

2005-01-18 - Version: 0.3.0

  • Drag and drop improvement
  • Changed numerotations of versions (X.X.X instead of X.X.YYYYMMDD), version is now 0.3.0 to avoid confusions
  • Fixed ATA and ATAPI devices detection, 2 !
  • Added missing file_image.png
  • Multiple selection in treeview is now allowed

2005-01-17 - Version: 0.2-20050114

  • Added eject checkbox propertie
  • Added pause after copy to let use insert new CD-R
  • Added "Start new project" entry menu
  • Use mkisofs -publisher instead of mkisofs -P
  • Updated files for savannah submission
  • Fixed segfault on exit with quit menu
  • Default to 700Mb/80min CD
  • Fixed ATA and ATAPI devices detection

2005-01-12 - Version: 0.2-20050112

  • Updated graveman.desktop file, thanks Wouter van der Rijst and skanzev _at_
  • Fixed minor bug with "add directories" button

2005-01-11 - Version: 0.2-20050111

  • Updated Spanish translation, thanks Toni Corvera
  • Updated Dutch translation, thanks Wouter van der Rijst
  • Updated Russian (thanks sknazev _at_
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese, thanks Andre Luis Lopes

2005-01-10 - Version: 0.2-20050110

  • Compile without mp3 support/ogg support
  • Keep main window's size and position
  • Added graveman.desktop and graveman.png files, thanks Jerome Rousselot
  • Added "Other operations" notebook: fix cdr and erase cdrw
  • Now required libglade !!
  • Fixed some memory leak
  • Removed hard-coded /data tmpdir for cd copy
  • Removed hard-coded /tmp tmpdir for audio manipulations
  • Quote dangerous characters in filename
  • Disabled es/ru/nl/pt translation, time to update them

2004-12-27 - Version: 0.2-20041227

  • Fixed scsi and ata drives detection
  • Fixed minor display bug
  • Properties window, David Sedeno's patch (david _at_
  • Default interface now in english! update po files, remove en.po
  • Added nl.po, thanks Wouter van der Rijst wouter.van.der.rijst _at_
  • Added drag and drop support

2004-12-22 - Version: 0.2-20041222

  • Lots of bugfixes (crash...)
  • Added es.po (thanks sbaco.jorge _at_
  • Added ru.po (thanks sknazev _at_

2004-12-14 - Version: 0.2-20041214

  • Added progressbar to show cd space availability
  • Fixed en.po (thanks to Grant Petersen grant.petersen _at_
  • Fixed minor display bug
  • Changed icons size (smaller)
  • Fixed memory allocation error (crash)

2004-12-12 - Version: 0.1-20041212

  • Added configure switches to allow compilation without ogg support and without mp3 support
  • Fixed fr.po file
  • Added english translation... please correct it !

2004-12-11 - Version: 0.1-20041211

  • Added libogg and libvorbis dependencies
  • Removed ogginfo from dependencies
  • Added header check in for id3tag.h
  • Better .wav support

2004-12-10 - Version: 0.1

  • First public release !