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  • 2006-06-06: Update version: 0.3.12-5. Only a bugfixe release to close bug #16511. Still waiting for next major release.. maybe in september. (details).
  • 2006-02-03: I had some problems with my new provider, FREE.. 3 months without internet (details).
  • 2005-10-26: Thanks to Oviri who has written (in french) a presentation about graveman (details).
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Graveman! is a GPL frontend for : cdrecord, mkisofs, readcd, sox, flac, dvd+rw-format/dvd+rw-tools and cdrdao.

Graveman! can : Graveman! cannot (but will):
  • burn audio cd (from wav, ogg, mp3, flac, m3u and pts)
  • burn data cd and dvd
  • duplicate cd
  • do copy on the fly
  • clean rewritable cd and dvd
  • burn multissessions cd
  • copy dvds (DVD9 to DVD9, DVD9 to DVD5)
  • burn data cd and dvd on the fly
  • burn mixte cd
  • burn .bin/.cue
  • burn video DVD
  • view past sessions in multissessions cd

This software uses GTK 2 library.


Please note that Graveman! has not yet been extensively tested, this is a beta release ! Please test it and report any problems with "bugs report section". You can also contact me with mail.